22 05, 2020

Blog: Corona’s gift of time for creators

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I’ve always been someone in a rush to do. A 'zoom, bang, done' type woman and London always provided a great setting for action and, in theory, progress. Right people, right places, right opportunities. But the reality was quite different. All of that rushing around kept me from doing the actual thing that might get [...]

18 05, 2020

“Flip the Human” – words as published on Inspiration in Isolation

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Full text here  Wuhan Came and spun the Human Psyche Rightly Flipped the W in wealth To the H for health Took our flighty fancies No more hugs or kisses. Forget soft hands Or warm embraces, Click on the icon, See only faces, Half-dressed, Toys about, A messy life, Being lived throughout. Middle-classes Q outside [...]

24 04, 2020

From Libya, to Palestine and Syria – One love.

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  I never knew my paternal grandmother, Khadeeja. She died long before I was born. My father seldom spoke about her, not because he didn’t love her; on the contrary, because he loved her so much. It was always palpably painful for him to tell us about her. I imagine there was an unhealed trauma [...]

20 04, 2020

Life in Lockdown London – I

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I left full-time employment in December and my 2020 ‘plan’ - that now obsolete word! - was to write a book and freelance on various productions. I tried initially to view the lockdown optimistically as a kind of ‘writer’s retreat’, free from worldly distractions. But as people shifted their physical work online and packed their [...]

19 12, 2019

Is the war over yet? Damascus, April 2019

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Like me, you’ve probably been reading that Syria’s war is nearly over. But as the substantial crisis comes to a close, I heard of plenty more socio-economic crises looming during my recent visit there. I arrived in Damascus as the capital stood at a standstill following a petrol crisis. In the preceding two weeks people [...]